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Children of all ages are constantly exposed to damaging sexual content in media and in life.  As a parent you try to be vigilant, but it’s simply impossible to completely prevent.  How do you protect your young children?  How do you find the right words to start talking to them about healthy intimacy without frightening them or damaging their innocence? You start with this book.

My Body is a Gift from God uses gentle language to teach parents and children how to begin protective, age-appropriate conversations in the emotionally safe setting of reading together.  Notice how it helps you and your child easily converse about sexual topics, while fitting within and supporting your family’s values.  Potentially difficult topics like body image, healthy relationships, sexual abuse, pornography, and sexual peer pressure become accessible for young ages.  Start now to protect your child while preserving their childhood innocence and promoting a sense of security and joy in their miraculous, wonderful body.  This book will give you the words.



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“Last night before bed I got the chance to read my 8 year old niece your book.  When it ended she was so sad and said, “I want more!  Why is it over?  I don’t want it to end!”  And then she said, “you should ask [the author] to write another book about superheroes!”  —M.E.

“This book has quickly become my children’s favorite story (ages 2, 5, and 7).  They want me to read it to them every night.  I think it’s because it’s so gentle and leaves them feeling so happy about their bodies.  It’s my favorite too, because I’m teaching them such important things and we are developing a space in our relationships where it’s normal and calm to talk about this stuff.”—K.M.

Sherie is also writing a chapter book, release date TBA, for parents of children ages 8+ that helps parents tackle sexual topics in more detail, including example dialogues.  

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